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LEEDR: Low effort energy demand reduction


Daniel Barry:
Mr Daniel Barry Daniel completed a degree in Physics and Communications BSc (Hons) at Lancaster University and also completed a degree in Ergonomic Design and Human Factors BSc (Hons) at Loughborough University. Following graduation, he worked in two roles at BAE Systems as part of the design and engineering teams at the companies naval site in Barrow-in-Furness. He is currently studying for his PhD in Systems Engineering as part of the LEEDR team focussing on use of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to create an executable domestic home energy system architecture. Homepage

Paula Cosar-Jorda:
Mrs Paula Cosar-Jorda Paula completed a degree in Building Engineering at UPV (University Polytechnic of Valencia), Spain. She carried out her final dissertation within the LEEDR project achieving the grade of 'Outstanding'. She continues her work in LEEDR studying for her PhD which focuses on developing a scenario based methodology to evaluate the impact of future energy landscapes upon the domestic energy consumption of householders and their everyday lives. Homepage

Marc Hanratty:
Mr Marc Hanratty After gaining a degree in Industrial Design in NCAD, Dublin, Marc worked as a designer for a number of years before completing an MSc in Sustainable Product Design in Loughborough. Currently he is a full time PhD student in Loughborough Design School and his work focuses on the role design can play in changing behaviours with a particular interest in Design for Sustainable Behaviour. His work investigats domestic practice as it relates to energy use as well as the current role of digital media and its potential as an agent of behaviour change.

Kerstin Leder Mackley:
Dr Kerstin Leder-Mackley Prior to LEEDR, Kerstin worked as a Research Fellow on the TOTeM project (Tales of Things and Electronic Memory) in the School of Engineering and Design at Brunel University. Her research background is in media and cultural studies, specifically qualitative audience research. Following her MA in Audience and Reception Studies at the University of Wales, her doctoral work investigated discourses of media-related ‘fear’ in three-generation families in Germany and the UK. On LEEDR she works alongside Sarah, producing visual and sensory ethnographies of domestic energy consumption and everyday digital media use. Homepage

Dashamir Marini:
Dr Dashamir Marini Dashamir is a graduate of University Polytechnic of Tirana, Department of Energy in 2005 where he obtained his master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He worked for two years as an engineer at Petcor International Company (Inter-contractor of Vodafone Al. S.p.a company). He was awarded a PhD degree from Building Environment Science and Technology (BEST), University Polytechnic of Milan with on optimization and techno-economical performance evaluation of HVAC systems in a low energy residential building. Prior to joining LEEDR Dashamir was a post doctoral researcher at National University of Ireland Galway and now he is developing the monitoring data analysis. Homepage

Roxana Morosanu:
Miss Roxana Morosanu Roxana is an anthropologist with a background in media studies, previously working in journalism, marketing and advertising before returning to teaching at The School of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies, University of Bucharest. She is currently studying for her PhD on LEEDR with Sarah and is looking at domestic life and families’ everyday usage of digital media and ICT. The ethnographic fieldwork used combines semi-structured interviews and participant observation with visual and participant-led methods. Homepage

Lynda Webb:
Dr Lynda Webb Lynda has a BA(Hons) in Home Economics and Education and Pg.Dip. in Design of Equipment for Disability. She completed her PhD, ‘Activity Diaries in Small Community Homes for People With Learning Disabilities’, in 1992. Since then she has worked in a variety of research projects working with both quantitative and qualitative data and their associated collection methods. On LEEDR Lynda manages participant liaison, installation and maintenance of the monitoring equipment analysis of the monitoring data. Homepage

Garrath Wilson:
Mr Garrath Wilson Garrath is a doctoral researcher focusing on the role design plays in influencing sustainable behaviour. Combining a user-centred approach with the emerging field of Design for Sustainable Behaviour, the aim of his research is to influence a sustainable change in energy using comfort behaviours within the context of social housing. Homepage

William Godfrey:
Mr William Godfrey William is an Undergraduate studying Industrial Design at Loughborough. Currently on his placement year, having worked for 3D systems he joined the LEEDR team for the summer before returning to student life for his final year. Based in the Design School he helped us explore the project data to develop novel approaches to the use of digital systems to help lower energy use in the home.

Sandy Brownlee:
Dr Sandy Brownlee Sandy completed a Computer Science BSc(hons) in 2005 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. He studied for his PhD in Multivariate Markov Networks for Fitness Modelling in an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm, which covered a range of applications for evolutionary algorithms, and focussed on the construction of fitness models to support the evolutionary process. Prior to coming to Loughborough he worked as a software engineer in industry. On LEEDR, he helped us manage data communications and processing for the energy monitoring work. He is now a research Fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland Homepage

Carolina Escobar-Tello:
Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello Carolina has an MSc degree in Sustainable Product Design awarded at Distinction level allied to a first degree in Industrial Design. Her PhD looked at understanding the way in which design can contribute in a holistic way to sustainability and in this way investigated, identified and proposed the design methods, and characteristics of sustainable products, services or systems capable of contributing to our happiness, hence shaping and promoting society towards sustainable lifestyles. On LEEDR she lead the design based research and she is now a lecturer in the Loughborough Design School. Homepage

Graham Jackson:
Graham Jackson Graham worked for Plessey & Lucas briefly before spending 35 years at 3M, prior joining the project. His background was in Ceramics and on the project he worked with Richard in the Building Energy Research Group developing some of the data surveys used on the project.

Xin Lu:
Dr Xin Lu Xin worked with Shuang-Hua in Computer sciences on the development of sensor technologies. Prior to Loughborough he studied at BeiJing Institute of Technology in Electronics Science and Technology. He completed a MSc in Electronic & electrical Engineering before working for ShangHai Flight T.T&C and Telecommunication Institute. He successfully completed his PhD in Wireless Sensor Network design and energy harvesting technologies while contributing to the monitoring programme on LEEDR.

John O'Brien:
Dr John O'Brien John worked with Roy in Systems Engineering on a number of projects prior to joining LEEDR. On the project he was involved in setting up monitoring databases. His skills included Model based systems engineering, Advanced interactive rendering, loosely coupled distributed systems, scalable systems, control systems, quality-of-service driven computing, Grid / Cloud computing.

Ian Richardson:
Dr Ian Richardson Ian is a software engineer with many years experience in implementing data systems. He completed his PhD at Loughborough in Crest which looked at assessing the impact of domestic low-carbon technologies on the electricity distribution network. The work focused on the development and use of a high-resolution integrated model that simulates both existing domestic electricity use and low voltage distribution networks. Following his PhD he worked part time on the LEEDR project before moving back to industry.


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